University of Dubrovnik
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University of Dubrovnik

The University of Dubrovnik is a public higher education institution, founded in 2003, whose foundations are based on a very long tradition dating back to the 17th century, as well as several decades of modern higher education.

More than 30 projects are currently ongoing at the University, funded by Horizon 2020, Eramsus, Interreg, the Croatian Science Foundation and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI), as well as other funds. Researchers and scientists at the University of Dubrovnik publish in world-leading scientific journals. According to the citation data, scientific productivity and project activity, they are among the top experts in Croatia in the fields of industrial economics, innovation, autonomous intelligent systems and marine ecosystem research.

The vision and mission of the University of Dubrovnik is to further develop international cooperation through joint studies and research projects with international partners, and to promote research and scientific excellence by designing educational programmes that prepare students for the skills of the future.

The members of the Department of Applied Ecology (which will carry out the activities under the project) are a multidisciplinary group of specialists working in many research areas important for aquaculture and marine environment management. It also has all the necessary resources to carry out the project, including all the required knowledge and equipment.

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