Armenian National Agrarian University
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Armenian National Agrarian University

Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) is a only state educational institution that offers higher education in agriculture. It is a key player in the field and participates in many processes as an important educational potential for the country.

The university is guided by statutory goals, international and national priorities, current labour market requirements, international trends in education and science. The activities of ANAU are directed to prepare specialists with different degrees (Bachelor, Master, PhD, doctorate, certified specialist, researcher) in the agro-technological sphere.

ANAU realizes educational, scientific and consulting activities. ANAU has initiated and is currently realizing numerous academic-educational projects, which correspond to international academic standards and stem from the requirements of the Bologna declaration. It has 5 faculties (Agronomy, Food Technologies, Agrarian Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Agribusiness and Economics), several research institutes and centres, that are very active in international cooperation, staff and student exchanges within the different EU projects including Erasmus+ and bilateral cooperation programs. Educational and industrial internships are organized in leading enterprises of the RA.

The number of students is 5054.

Study programs of ANAU are the following: Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, Postgraduate program.

According to the new Strategic plan 2020-24 of ANAU, internationalization is one of the chief goals of the university. Armenian National Agrarian University in the field of international cooperation has adopted the strategy to bring the university to international recognition and integration in the area of international higher education.

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