International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA
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International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA

International Scientific-Educational Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of the  Republic of Armenia (ISEC NAS RA) is a higher educational institution established in 1997 as an autonomous scientific-educational institution in the system of  National Academy of Sciences of RA which has  a status of the institution of NAS RA. ISEC NAS RA, being a prototype of a research university, with its international and regional role has the main mission to promote the socio-economic development and the integration into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Higher Research Area (ERA) to ensure quality and competitive education with the emphasis on research constituent, by contributing to the continuous development of an individual, the acquisition of research skills through the creation and transfer of knowledge in the field of science and education by ensuring  smooth transition from education to science.

ISEC NAS RA provides postgraduate professional education through Master Degree and PhD studies, applicants for PhD degree and doctoral programs.

As one of the structural units of the National Academy of Sciences RA, ISEC cooperates with NAS scientific organizations and institutions and coordinates its research and educational activities with NAS RA research institutes accordingly. The departments of ISEC NAS RA are integrated into relevant research organizations, so Master education in academic environment enables students to integrate into scientific community and to acquire scientific thinking, as well as carry out research in academic setting with proper equipment and laboratories. Students enjoy the opportunity to communicate, participate in research activities, use technical and laboratory facilities, get information about innovations in the professional field, involve in research activities and publish their research in both RA and foreign high impact scientific journals. Thus, ISEC liaison with NAS RA research institutes ensures the students’ educational and research work coordination which results in high-quality education and integration of educational, research and social experiences. For ISEC NAS RA technical, space and laboratory resources please see the link on YouTube channel .

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